Crystalite is a revolutionary resin bevel system that allows mass production of superior resin bevels time and time again at a fraction of the cost of glass bevels. It offers a unique dry surface so finished panels will not get contaminated by finger prints or dust. Once a panel has been produced it can be stored upright immediately allowing for more space for further panels to be made. As the resin bevels are dry, scaled unit manufacturing suddenly becomes easier as there are no handling issues.

The resin bevels can be made into any size unit and a contour resin can be added at any time after production to create individual panels simulating adhesive lead strip. A special range of colours can also be added to individual bevels or bevel clusters creating beautiful coloured transparent bevel clusters, without the necessity of volume screen printing.

Crystalites’ unique patented mould system will last indefinitely if used as per the instructions given. Being of a solid construction they do not require overnight heating, as is the requirement of a silicone mould.

Units can be supplied either single or double glazed depending on customers’ requirements.